Friday, June 10, 2011

Those Who Can Do, Blog!

(just sittling down for a bloggy morning!)

queschion: nock nock, whose their?

anser: MY FLOG!!!

in case you live under a rock, ive been FLOGGing for munths on end. FLOG means FRED LOG. hears my latist one wear i become prezident of evrything.

i like doing vidios insted of just werds bc then you can see what is hapening. and i dont have to tell you.

my FLOGs are famous alreddy. theyve been poasted on famous webcites like YOUTOO and FASEBOOK. and evryone pritty much watches them. theirs a lot of peeple on the innernet, sumtimes my vidios get more comments then i can count on both hands!! being famous is grate.

but enuff about me. a wile ago i saw Mel Glibsins movy THE BEEVER. in the movy theirs this guy whos having a hard wile of his life. his name is Beever. like he lives in a dumbster. then he meets Mel Glibsin and little does he know that evrythings about to change (his life). he starts bringing Mel with him evrywear he goes and talking thru Mel insted of just normal. pritty soon hes a Seaeaoh of a cumpany and has a famly. so its a happy movy realy. and neer the end he disapears misteriously, wating sumwear for his necst chance for a movy.

like i sed im the prezident so let me know if theirs anything you need from your coontree. but if its sumthing anoying like cat food then tuff noogys!

thats pritty much evrything for now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Woudent You Be My Validtime??

happy VALIDTIMES! VALIDTIMES is where you love sumone. loving sumone means they gift you flours and choclit and cannedy and complements. their called validtimes bc they realy are. peter likes to be my validtime probly.

here are some of my other ones.

jenny anniston is a validtime i have. we went on a date on validtimes. it was with some F-R-E-D-S. it was The One Where Its Validtimes.

jenny lowpez is my necst other validtime. we did a date where we plan her wedding. its ok bc shes a jurzygurl. and shes giggly.

heres another jenny i dont know what it is. its from googol.

heres another one, pammy and her son. for validtimes we all just watched the bay for a wile.

sumthing i have been doing laitly is teeching chess. chess is where you win. you have peaces and they kill eechuther. the bessed peace is the pauns.

their the bessed bc your upownent wont notise if you take theirs off the bored when their not looking. espeshialy if your upownents peter.

how you win is Checkmade. you do Checkmade when you take their king!, but they half to be looking. anuther thing you half to take is terns, which is anoying. it means you half to yell at them to make them just move alreddy. i am a pritty good teecher. i still havent even lossed.

resently was PREZIDENSE DAY! its when you sellabrate the prezidense. its amaizing when you think how almost evryone whos bin prezident has bin ded. their are only a cupple left. one of the bessed ones was Jorge Washing Tin. he was the firsed prezident bc their was alreddy a king in Englind. so out of rispect for the king Jorge was prezident insted, which is like a king ecsept you make peeple think their in charge. but you are realy.

anuther good prezident was Aibra Hamlinkin. he sed the Romancipashion Praclimashion so that evryone could do ennything they feel like, even if their knee grows. before the RP sum peeple had to have jobs they dident like that dident even pay vary much. now its only if they feel like it.

one more thing happend sinse my last blog. it was GROUNDHOGSTAY. their cald groundhogs bc they take up all the ground so no one else can live their. wile their in the ground they make it cold. once evry yeer they send one lucky hog to see if evryones still mad at them. so he comes up and if we look madly then he and all the other hogs stay in the ground a wile longer and keep making it cold. if we look ok then all the hogs spring out of the ground and so its spring now. they were mad this yeer. espeshialy in shicago.

today i had an omlit. an omlit has baby chikins in it wich is the bessed part. in a wile they grow up inside you and becum chikins and thats why omlits are so filling. so when sumone says wich came firsed the chikin or the egg? you can say oviously the egg bc wear else would the chikin come from? its a dum queschin realy.

ok thats enuff i gess. in a wile i will be going on a ROGUE TRIP so stay tooned! freddy out!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Im Like Wutever!

i am thinking i want to put my munney in a hedge fun. i saw the movy OVER A HEDGE. its about a fearless racoon who gets a lot of foods from one side of the hedge (in peoples houses) and puts it on the other side of the hedge. he coonvinces evryone to help him and add more foods to his hedge. he also gets lots of new freds. so i think that would be good.

"what have you been up to this time freddy?" well hold your hoarses! first things first.

theres sno outside. sno is tecnicly when the sky (clowds) turns into the air and falls. sno is cold. and its always where you want to go. so your feet get wet. and you have to sit on top of people so they dont. and evryone takes forever to plao it away from the street but espeshialy from the grass. i dont like sno if you couldent tell. ecsept when you throw snoballs and no one thinks it was you and their cold. sno is funny sumtimes.

ugh i hate it when my compuder wont start!!! it turns on ok but its hard to open it's head. theres a little button you have to press and its hard to open. rrrr! marry listmas yea right!

i am finnishing an on-lyin class about the New Testimeant. its bc im not tecnicly done scool. but i am practicly. the New Testimeant is like the Old Testimeant but better: less pages and less dying and being slaves. and best of all theres Jezus. Jezus did some funny things. like some people were fishing and coudent catch any fishes and bc they were so dum Jezus made there boat almost sink with too many fishes. he also said a lot of things that dont make any cents. and i do that sumtimes. sum of my favrit things he says are the Whoas. like he says Whoa to you Fairerseas! for your, like, unmarked graves. and its a funny picsure in my head.

so thats Jezus.

i red today that the US ecoonomy is getting better bc gobama made sum jobs. i gess bc hes not doing his job he is letting lots of other people do it and thats helping.

since i werked at STARBUX for a wile heres my pinion of their new logo.

i think its good they got rid of the outer sircle so she dosent feel in jale. and its good the words are gone bc their boring. and theres oviously coffy rippling down her hed in S's from under her croun. and theres a star on it and you have to pay a lot of bux to get it so you know what it is alreddy.

ok im tired.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Should Older Quaint Aunts Beaver God?

"wheel take a couple kinds, miss, yep! fur rolled twang sign!"

NEW YEARS STAY is when you change your hole life. you find your New Years Solutions and ficks evrything for a wile and then after some weeks go back to normal. i dont need to change my freddyness but theres some things id like to do. so heres my solutions.

  • lose wait (evrything i want will happen rite away so i dont have to wait)
  • run a my'll
  • not smoke or even be on fyre
  • rite sumthing novel
  • learn to play peano w/ my feet
  • lift waits (see the firsed one)
  • do sumthing for myself evry day that i want to do just bc its fun and not just bc i dont feel like doing anything
  • watch more T-V's like MADMEN and AVENGER TIME!
  • get my booty sleep
  • make vidios on YouToo of me
  • blog evry day a couple times
  • lern my new compuder
  • just keep doing what im doing

sounds good to me! what are your solutions? and do you have any ecstras?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bobtails Ring! Bobtails Ring! Bells On Bobtails Ring!!

theres still a few more days of LISTMAS!!! its the most winterful winterful winterful winterful winterful time of the yere! i like all the presence and egnog and missile toe and reddened green and stocking sung by the chimnywidth care and falalalalalalalala and carrels and ornamince on the tree and lites and i think i menshioned PRESENCE!!!

heres what i now have.

my very own shyny, grate McBook compuder!! so i can innernet alot eazier and other stuff too probly. just goes to show if your good till listmas listmas has goods for you.

i got a pyrit costtomb! pyrits are mean and scarey so it makes sense. it has a sord and ipatch. peter is my worst mate.

hes also very listmasy with his swetter and bos.

i also got some gold dubloons (for pyriting) and a raindear with candycains.

peter gave to me a sculpsure of myself again like he does evry year. here they all are.

the one on the left is from this year.

i gave peter his own blog so that he will stop talking about mine all of the time.

and heres what hes ritten so far.

heres evryone on listmas (me, tigey, peter, cow, mister bun, lamby pie, mouse, tree.)


here we are with my compuder. for listmas peter got the power chord for it so i have to share kind of.

here is the let'er i rote to Santa along with the cookys and egnog and fuj. i think it worked pritty good.


i said its from peter bc i figiured santa would beleve him and anyway who cares.

here is my favrite ornmint on the tree.

and here is my worst favrite.

well thats about evrything for listmas this year. i hope evryone can keep the listmas spearit all year round and keep giving me presence. i am still lerning my new McBook put i think these picsures came out pritty good and i will keep evryone poasted about it.

necst stop, New Years Stay!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Guvermint Doesent Want You To Read!

something i like is Wickidleex. Wickidleex is where evryone tells evryones seecrits. i think its good bc if you have a seecrit then its probly sumthing bad and if not then at least its inchresting. i think there is freedumb of the press. which means its not my falt if i tell your seecrit its your falt. for telling me and for it being that way. like if i tell you peters scared of the dark if you cover his eyes thats his own falt. the point of the noosepaper and blogs is so that we have inchresting things to read and nothings more inchresting then what sumone dosent want you to.

here are some seecrits.

  • 1 plus 1 is 2 at least
  • in WOLLY the computer OTTO is bad and is trying to take over (its a seecrit until later in the movy)
  • i cant tell you
  • the guvermint is spiing on evryone while they watch T-V and eat brekfist and do innernet
  • 911 is an inside job (if you call for an emurjinsy its the guvermint!!)
  • gobama is acshualy a muslin (hes a goast!)
  • there are exchra terroristrials in Aria 51 the guvermint dosent want us to know about. its where they put all the illeagle aliens they find.
  • JFK acshualy wasnt shot, it just looked like it bc sumone threw a bullit at him realy realy fast with a bullit throwing mashine thing. he realy died tho
  • Sessimy Street is puppets
  • Soilint Green is peephole
  • nobody likes North Krea or Rusha
  • Cows not real
ok thats all for now. if you have any i can add then send them anonamusly in the comments. but leave your email so i can ask you who you are and if its true.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hope Your Reddy 4 LISTMAS!

(dont get too close or who knows what ill do!)

STOP IT! in the spirit of the law!! you have the rite to remain cylons. Offasir Freddy at your sirvice! im still a Offasir but this pics from HOWLOWEEIN. i have a wokky tokky and a billowyclub and a baj a crook (Tigey). Peters my depiudy.

(rapporting for doody!)

he does whatever i say the law says. he has a crook (Cow) and the crook has a munney (Mister Bun).

(hes getting away with it Peter! thats good munney!)

on HOWLOWEEIN we cratched a party like cops do and evryone was under a rest. i got so much candy i dont even know what happened to it.

necksed was THANKSMAS which insidently i am thankful for. but who isnt thankful is the tirky. on the orijinal THANKSMAS the Engines were so thankful for the Pogroms that they gave them all their lands and scalps and the Pogroms were so thankful that they let the Engines gambol all they wanted and gave them permanent Rezervations which are hard to get sumtimes like weekends. anyway it is good that THANKSMAS is out of the way by No-Vember bc neckst is LISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on LISTMAS your dreems come true. its what you wate and wate for all year. Jezus said its better to give, then recieve, so we give thanks on THANKSMAS and then recieve presence a wile later. here are some things i will get this year from him hopefuly.

  • new lap top (mines furry)
  • the cool vidio game DON QUIJONG where you get to throw bearils at a plummer
  • the vidio TOYSTORE E3
  • the vidio THIS PICKABLE ME!
  • some cloves like a cholered shirt and a turdleneck swetter and nice suffisticated ones
  • frys!
  • a car
  • a Whirled Piece (bc Jezus likes if you ask for it)
  • a harebrush so i can have some cool doos like a fohok
  • a book (dont care wich)
  • ecsept it needs picshures
  • a jeeny in a boddle
  • the music seedy of JOK JAMS!
  • all the aboves!
if you can think of anything i forgot then say it in the commence section bc to not put it on my list would be tearable. if you are getting me any of the things on the list let me know so i wont ask Jezus for it on my list and waist a prezent.

well i guess thats evrything for now. maybe i will make a new pole.